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Reasons Nick Canepa is thankful in 2014

Top Story: Reasons Nick Canepa is thankful in 2014 - Nick Canepa | 47 minutes ago | Comment

Morning Report: No Fixes for Street Non-Fixes

Girl's suicide draws fire to juvenile justice system, Greek system on hold at SDSU, safe needle program boasts high numbers and Brooklyn native corrects da record.

Sumi-e: Essence of Japanese ink painting

Art and nature come alive at the 39th annual Sumi-e Japanese Brush Painting Exhibition.

Joe Garrison a musical treat

A local music treasure, the veteran composer performs with his band Tuesday at UCSD.

Escondidan feeds hundreds for Thanksgiving

Volunteer Chuck Herr underwrites the cost of holiday dinners at Interfaith Community Services

Managing medications as you age

Medications are designed to help you maintain and manage your health.

Foster youth gets the gift of home

Gratitude for the safety net that keeps on giving.

Chargers clinical with second chance

The team showed week-to-week improvement in a vital area Sunday.

Body of missing woman may have been found

The body of missing elderly woman may have been found in Julian, according to investigators.

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