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Morning Report: Ambulance Reform’s Endless Waiting Game

Top Story: Frye tells DeMaio to knock it off, county supervisor urges investment in South Bay, Caltrans searches for potentially dangerous guardrails, and S.D.'s spooky past and present. | 4 hours ago | Comment

If it's not a 'must' for Chargers, it's close

Hot!  Bolts know they need to stop two-game skid going into their bye week.

Gaslamp business burglarized by Batman?

Hot!  The man robbed a spa. Police say he was wearing heavy-duty garbage bags.

College football bowl ticket prices increase Saturday

Thursday and Friday are the last days to purchase tickets for San Diego's two college football bowl games before the prices go up Saturday, according to the San Diego Bowl Game Association.

Lakeside residents outraged over sex offender's release

The community of Lakeside is in an uproar over news that a registered sex offender could soon be living across the street from an elementary school.

Three people under observation for Ebola symptoms in San Diego County

San Diego County health workers are monitoring three people for symptoms of Ebola.

Tim Hodgkinson, from Henry Cow to Siberia

What will happen when music mavericks from England and Mexico share a concert stage here?

Derek Trucks: Life after the Allman Brothers

The youngest Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award-winner returns to San Diego Friday.

North Park sausage house set to debut

On Tuesday, yet another pork-themed restaurant/bar will open in San Diego with the debut of S&M Sausage & Meat and Swine Bar.

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