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Smack talk: Chargers fans rank 5th in grammar, punctuation and spelling

Top Story: A Wall Street Journal sports columnist put NFL fans' smack talk to the test. Geoff Foster from the sports column, "The Count", used an online automated proofreader called Grammarly to analyze 150 fan comments on each of the NFL's official team websit... | 4 hours ago | Comment

Chargers' Fluker goes from homeless to graduate, NFL starter

Hot!  D.J. Fluker had bouts of anger sometimes, wondering how God let he and his family wind up homeless, five people sleeping shoehorned into a car.

Families in Vista concerned about homeless camp

Hot!  A father in Vista contacted 10News fed up with the homeless people who have set up camp right behind his home. A wooded area separates Brad Phillip's neighborhood from a shopping center on Sycamore Avenue. There is a fence around the shopping center...

Motorcyclist injured after hit and run

Hot!  A motorcyclist has been injured after a hit and run, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Redskins critic speaks about diversity

Hot!  The woman who has pressured NFL's Redskins to change name appeared at CSUSM.

San Diego may face water restrictions

Hot!  San Diego must adopt new water restrictions despite conservation gains, mayor says.

Residents raise concerns over Kaaboo Music Festival in Del Mar

Hot!  A three-day music festival is set to hit the stage at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in September, but not everyone is a fan.

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